Wednesday, November 07, 2007

choose or loose

Does MTV still do that? I know they don't show videos anymore, and they cast maid of honors for reality weddings, and they continue to perpetuate stereotypes that lead to affluent white kids having shittily themed parties. (And I gladly leave my birthday plans out of that one. Seriously. How many of those bastard kids know about the five percent nation? That's what I thought. Besides, drinking a forty isn't ironic, its cheap.)

Now that is out of the way. Karaoke songs.

I have been trying to figure out what karaoke song would "do it for me". Its a good question. As mentioned previously, I am not super excited when a woman sings some sort of woman empowerment song. Not because I am anti-women's liberation. But because I don't want to hear a woman scorned singing a song by a woman scorned about being a woman scorned. Call me old fashioned.

When I karaoke, I like to sing songs by women. To some segment of the crowd it's shocking. Maybe. Probably not. But it opens the door to theatrics more than a korn song. Most songs by guys are warbly and screamy and growly, and I am not good at those things. I'm not even good at singing. It is easier to stumble through a song by a lady because my vocal gymnastics are limited.

So I think the criteria for a song that would do it for me would be this. Anthemic. Not too short. A breakdown. And by a member of the opposite sex. So if you really want to get me, you should probably brush up on your meatloaf. And if you want to get your shy friend to duet with you on "Paradise by the Dashboard Light", well, I might have to buy the two of you breakfast. ;)


Anonymous said...

Womens liberation is a crock.

nerdling said...

Kiss Me Deadly. That's your jam.

ImPerceptible said...

I was way off. I was leaning towards Marc Cohn - Paper Walls.

Meatloaf is a much better choice and works for me. I have a close friend, Andrea, in Florida. We could sing 'Paradise by the Dashboard Light' all the way to CA. I like omelettes. Spinach and Mushroom.

Brandon said...

I've been wanting to do that one song by The Cardigans...I think it's called Lovefool. The "love me, love...say that you love me" song.

A 300 lb man singing that would look pretty strange.