Thursday, November 01, 2007

why i grow a beard

for the same reason i...

  • drink malt liquor from paper bags in my bedroom
  • my throat is sore after I see my favorite bands
  • don't vote
  • rent a home with my friends while people I know are buying them
  • can never find a bad time to put on a good record
  • write songs and sing them without knowing how
  • ride a bicycle in a tuxedo shirt
  • am jealous of people who spend most of their year in a van and on other people's floors
  • have a hard time making it through every work day
  • cry at weddings
  • tell my parents I love them
  • don't answer email even though I have 100 different things I want to say
Friday is a day off, after one day on, after 8 off.

Even if I don't tell you, I love you.


Dan said...

I grow a beard because I'm lazy to shave.