Thursday, August 23, 2007

the mild disapointment in job retention.

I didn't get fired yesterday.

And it was a little sad. I had put together a nice little post-Pepper's bus trip of the country that would have made me the envy/laughingstock of the adult world. I was going to sleep on couches all over the place. I was going to see family and friends. I was going to go see bands play in small clubs in cities I always wanted to go to. I was going to track down a blogger or two and use the shower. But alas, I still have a job.

There's always today though! (I was going to put a wink here, but that would have just pissed me off when I read it over.)


ImPerceptible said...

;)I know what you mean. I feel the same way. ;)

Whit said...

I can help you get fired. :o

Bobb said...

jobs..? we don't need no stinking jobs!

nerdling said...

Thought you'd appreciate this in your time of sadness over... not being fired. Wink!