Friday, May 11, 2007

about time i started making things fun around here

This is the new window. I like it. Buttons likes it too. I catch him sitting on the sill (?) whenthe window is open. It is pretty impressive, there isn't much room there and he's getting fatter by the day.
Why am I up at 1:30 putting widgets on my blog? And why am I not drunk? Well, as reported earlier I woke up sleeping on the living room floor. The spur kicked my ass last night, and I don't even think I was there for 30 minutes. Maybe I got ghb'd or ruphied. Or maybe I mixed beer, tequila, and whiskey with very little food. It doesn't really matter.
I was supposed to work this morning, I didn't, but that tree is dying anyways. Instead I took a shower, put on the same clothes as yesterday, did laundry and threw up in the laundry mat parking lot. It was probably from the booze, might have been being in the same room as a tv beaming out Oprah and Dr Phil for the first time in months.
So I stayed home, missing out on an awesome Matt Skiba/Chuck Ragan show in Hollywood, but advancing ever further in my new addiction, SUPER PAPER MARIO. I watched some hockey, I watched some basketball, I was disappointed in both loosing teams.
Now I am finishing downloading new episodes of Degrassi the Next Generation and adding a much needed actual post.
I'm going to try to take some pictures this weekend. I'll put them up on my flickr page.
Sleep well.


Whit said...

Blog like the wind, my friend!

Western said...

your team "loosing" is a terrible thing. get used to it when the brewers come to town, though.