Tuesday, May 29, 2007

...In this pond, some rise, some sink.

I realized I'm becoming something I am not. I mean, yes, I am a little whiny (i.e. uno, dos), but that's from living with Atticus, that's not my fault.

I'm getting back to my roots, the thing passed on through the generations of Booth's that have come before me and carried the name with such passion.

I am drinking a forty in the middle of the afternoon, shirtless.

Happy Blackout Tuesday!


Whit said...

Is this forty in addition to the margarita and beer we just had?

I'm glad to see you put your pants back on.

Moderator said...

That is so sexy. You did the dishes.

Anonymous said...

Er, what? You people secretly live together? Wait a second, do you ALL live together? Minxie are you there also? Drinking the day away while semi-naked? Communicating only via your blogs?

I think perhaps I shouldn't have spoken to you.