Monday, May 21, 2007

it has been a week

I have a good week of the assorted activities. Details and pictures to follow on some.

  • Pedicure (yes those are my anti-authoritave toes up there)
  • Mojito's (again)
  • Drive-In Movies
  • Moving Car Makeouts
  • Lions
  • Walks
  • Stolen Signs
  • New Furniture
  • A Little Work
  • Naked Threesome Proposals
  • Marcile
  • Lostwood
  • Dan's House
  • Heroes
Let's hope to more blogging and more of all the other shit too.


nerdling said...

Is that...a...ladybug?

An anarchist ladybug?

Whit said...

dude, mojitos? when and where?