Sunday, May 13, 2007

things i learned from my mother

in no particular order...

  • girls are evil (actually, this is number one, everything after is in no order)
  • anything done indoors/outdoors is better with music being played extremely loud
  • living rooms are for dancing
  • bike rides are always nice
  • always gamble on your birthday
  • its good to cry
  • titanium is for legs too!
  • you are only as crazy as you let yourself to be
  • forgiveness is possible
  • cards are not just for major holidays
  • you have to stay happy
My mom doesn't read my blog, or probably even know about it, but she is super important to me. I love you mom.


Whit said...

Before reading this post the only sweet stuff I ever found on a Booth! was a tootsie roll stuck inside the cushion.

This is better.

Living rooms are for dancing. Indeed.