Wednesday, July 11, 2007

karma police

Last night at the wonderful hellhole that is Peppers a family brought in their 16 year old son to celebrate his birthday. There were parents, a grandparent, a sister, and some friends. I was their waiter.

This party of 10 was filled with a good cross-section of typical restaurant patrons.

  • The fatty who wanted ranch on everything. EXTRA RANCH at that. And an appetizer. And an extra side.
  • The kid who drinks water and doesn't eat.
  • The lady who asks where the salads are on the menu while looking at them.
  • The lady who doesn't speak english.
  • The drunk.
  • The toothless gentleman.
  • The guy who wants his check split off, then changes his mind.
  • The guy who asks for a refill after you announce to the table that you will be right back with their refills.
Basically, I hated them. But I kept my hatred hidden while doing my job. And I did a very good job too, even getting a very spirited birthday song out of my co-workers for the birthday boy. They had three checks, all paid with credit cards. As the father was paying for his, which was the bulk of the bill, he told me "Don't worry, your tip is on the table". So they all left, and sitting amongst the dirty dishes on the table was six dollars.

There bill was 185 bucks.

So when the drunk mom and toothless gentleman came in 5 minutes later to look for her glasses that she had lost, and they weren't on the table or the ground, I couldn't help but go to the back of the restaurant and air high-fiving the thing in charge of karma.

Thank you good sir, thank you.

I hope your glasses aren't prescription...

p.s. I totally put in my notice at Peppers yesterday too! I will be joining Whit in the ex-pepper employee box checking.


Anonymous said...

That sux about the tip. What is wrong with people?

Good for you on leaving. Any plans for what's next?

My word verification word for this comment is 'sehep' - kind of cool, I might bear it in mind if I get a sheepdog.

Whit said...

Hellz yeah, my brother.

Cheap people are no longer my problem.

ImPerceptible said...

Way to go. Let me know when your last day and I'll toast you with a glass of mint tea like I did for Whit.

I might even get a little crazy and toast you with black current and ginseng tea. I get a little out of control like that sometimes :)