Tuesday, July 03, 2007

today is a day for midday cocktails

I don't know what you have on your agenda today, but for me, it's midday cocktails. Today is my roommate Crystal's birthday. If my placement of the trip to Vegas for her birthday is correct, she is 23. I am pretty good about not living in one place for too long so that all I need to do to remember when something happened is to remember what key I was using at the time.

I haven't gotten her anything yet, I should probably do that before I get drunk and give her something completely ridiculous. Actually, that's probably a better idea.

I am going to go open a beer and take a shower. I'll also put on some clothes.

This is my first naked post, in that I am naked while it is being "composed".


Anonymous said...

Maybe she'll think you are her present :)

Whit said...

what key you were using- nice line.

Here is a list of things Anthony likes to give people on their birthday:

- the business
- a black-eye
- crabs
- what-for
- gift certificates
- an inch, but they take a mile
- what he's got

On my birthday he gave me a knuckle sandwich and 5 golden rings. So sweet.

Dan said...

First naked post eh.

Well this is my first comment whilst I am sitting on the toilet

Anonymous said...

This is my first naked post, in that I am naked while it is being "composed".

As compared to....???

anthony said...

the one's where I am naked in the post.

you know, your favorite ;)

ImPerceptible said...

I don't know Whit, he gave me the same thing as last year. At least you got a movie out of it.

Where are the pictures? You big tease.