Wednesday, July 04, 2007

persona non grata

That's a great little phrase if you ask me.

Apparently today is the annual celebration of The United States Independence. Awesome. I will be celebrating by making drinks for the second loneliest people on earth (the first being drinkers on christmas.) Thinking it won't be very busy tonight, not entirely sure. But at least there is a three hour O'Reily Factor marathon to keep me company and upbeat.


Actually this day got me thinking about some people I have met. The type of people who you meet, they terrorize your life for a day or two, or a week, or a month, and you never see them again. Or you do, and it's 5 years later. And they do the exact same things again. You sit around with friends and say "remember so and so, they were fucked up" and someone else will say "yeah, i saw them a month ago, you won't believe what they did" and some ridiculous story follows. I really like those people. I wish I was one of them. Sometimes.

So here's to you, wherever you may be. I hope to see you soon, if only for a day.


Whit said...

You'll always be one of those people to me.

Anonymous said...

When they keep coming back again and again despite your best efforts to throw them away, they become one of The Boomerang People. My godmother I wrote of was one I think. I hope she's gone for good this time.