Wednesday, July 25, 2007

late nights at lakes and loose ends

This is no proper summery of my vacation. It is something.

About 30 minutes ago I got home from a lake. I sat on a log with a girl and participated in the sort of conversation/flirting/self-deprecating humor that would have Anthony-circa-1998 proud. I had been at this lake before, and I was the same person. It had been years.

I would like to think I know what I am doing. I don't. I react with the same sort of rush to judgement that has put me into many a pickle before. I don't think, I feel, and I act. Most of the people I know are used to it by now, the ones who don't call to make sure I am not dead.

I see cycles repeating themselves as I look around my room. To part of me it is ok, comforting, to part of me it is scary.

I saw a lot of stars tonight. I am going to try to remember that feeling, along with the feeling of disappointment with the unreturned small advances and the one-arm-hugs that end an evening, far too long after it should be over, but just before it should begin.

Now, the loose ends.

  • Daniel, I received your mix in "the post". (Am I right?) I listened to it while some friends and I got in on some slip-and-slide action. Also, a little during a fantasy football draft. Whit was there, he can tell you. (p.s. Ash - one of my favorite bands in high school. That cd, 1977, soundtrack to the unintentional rapid growing and dismembering of my heart. I love that song.) Thank you very much.
  • Speaking of Whit, the however many things I love about him will be coming soon.
  • My gangster name is silly. It confuses me.
  • I un-quit my job. My vacation realigned my mind. Too bad it popped other parts out. More to come.
  • It was nice to stay up to date with all of the blogs on my vacation. I am sorry you didn't know I was there, but I was.
I have all sorts of interesting things lined up. I actually made notes of things to blog about while on my vacation. Surprise, surprise.

The video is The Mountain Goats. They will make your life better.

p.s. - I will fix the banner, promise.


Dan said...

I have no idea what "slip-and-slide action" is. Although I can take a guess.

Ash were the first band I liked that were younger than me. Now they are all younger than me.

Anonymous said...

I used to think your 'slip-and-slide action' was um, love, but now I just don't know.

ImPerceptible said...

Filthy minds.

Glad you're back. Your name makes perfect sense to me. Even if Whit did get the best one. Punk!