Thursday, July 26, 2007

there are such a thing as man hands

I am sitting on a flight from Seattle to San Francisco. My row has myself and a couple sharing an I-pod. We are all drinking bloody marys. He has man hands, I do not.

My hands are small (not like Jewel's hands though). They have very little hair and the hair that is there is very light. There are a couple of callouses, nothing exciting. My fingertips and parts of my palms look like I slice them up with razor blades. They are smooth and soft. They are not man hands.

Which is fine. I like my hands.


Whit said...

The good part is, if you squint while rubbing one out, you can pretend there's a lady involved.

That's what I used to do when you lived here.

Anonymous said...

They sound like artist's hands, Anthony! That can be nice!


Nah, fuck it. I am so over you now.

Anonymous said...

Just kidding :)