Saturday, June 30, 2007


We did edward fortyhands last night. Everyone made it through, though some of us threw up in the process (like me!). At most we had maybe 10 people here. The cops showed up at 12:30. Very strange. We had 120 plus people here at the beginning of the month, no cops. There is no way 10 people can be more crazy, out of control, and loud than 120. No way. The dudes in blue (actually it was probably brown/khaki, but that doesn't work as well) said they had complaints about us being loud. With the layout of the neighborhood it could only feasibly be two neighbors. The ones who were shooting (illegal) fireworks off earlier in the evening or the ones who came to our house warming with their 15 year old daughter and stayed till 3:30 in the morning. Whatever, cops were probably just making it up. Nothing happened anyways, they didn't even get out of the cars. Yup, there were 2 cars. Anyways, here are a couple pictures, I'm going to put the rest up on flickr in a day or two.


Rattling the Kettle said...

7 years ago, my sister got married at a beach house in Kailua (over the hill from Honolulu). A little after midnight, three squad cars pull up out front as I was taking a stroll. The officer in charge asked me what was going on, and when I told him "wedding reception," he pushed the button on the radio transmitter attached to his shoulder and to the base to "cancel backup". Then he told me that there have been noise complaints. Which was odd, since the (Japanese) neighbors had actually joined the party and were doing sake bombs with my dad in the back yard.

We turned the volume down and they went away. Would have been interesting to see what "backup" for a noise complaint would have been. I was hoping for a helicopter with search lights.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a man's game to me.

anthony said...

I hope if I ever have a wedding reception cops show up in a helicopter!

Crystal (my female roommate) did it, and she didn't puke.

Anonymous said...

Damn, Gina..looks like fun. Oh to be young again ;).

What is your Flickr name? Mine is snackiepoo...please add me!

bobb said...

why are there no pictures of me peeing in steel reserve bottles and vomitting (2 t's or 1?) all over myself?