Sunday, June 03, 2007

how to humiliate your husband!

At the LA Blogger Party I heard someone talk about how this phrase got people to go to there blog on accident, so I stole it for my title.

This is just a quick update on the events of last night. That's some ice we bought. It was just like the party, cool. (I am hilarious!)

It was great to meet new people, I have some new blogs to read, and I probably only put my foot in my mouth 6 or 7 times, which is a little low for a Saturday night.

I'll get more into this in a day or two, now I have to go to the beach for Bill's birthday camping and try set up some naked photo's for Hilly.


Domestic Slackstress said...

Hi from one of the women who "let someone cum inside of her." Met you last night. I think your friend hucked a water bottle in my direction as I walked down the driveway to leave. That was hot.

Rattling The Kettle said...

Thanks for not taking of your pants last night! ;-)

Brandon said...

Sounds like you were busy making some new friends after we left. Nice work!

Anyway, I enjoyed meeting you even if some didn't. I'm looking forward to the naked pictures for Hilly. Have fun in Carpinteria.

Domestic Slackstress said...

Hey - Wow. I fucked that comment up. Sorry. I did enjoy meeting you. You were killing me and Madeline. I missed you naked in the hot tub, though. That blows.

Anonymous said...

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