Saturday, June 23, 2007

I need a jinx-removing candle

I have this thing, a jinx if you will. If there is something I am hoping will happen, or if the opportunity for something might present itself, I have this tendency to talk about it. Or write about it. And sometimes I can get away with it once, a passing reference to a friend or stranger, but usually not. If I have a plan for my life, a desire to move, a girl I want to take out, and I talk about it, it is gone.

Everytime. Well, almost everytime. Sometimes it still happens, but it is super rare.

It happened again.

Things we going pretty well with the girl here on referred to as second chance. A couple of email exchanges had taken place. There was interest in setting up a date. There were a couple complications (we live about 100 miles about, my shitty car can go about 25 before near explosion). But it all looked good. As it flew out the window.

I called her to firm up the details. She said she would call back. A few days later I said hi, wondering how her move went. She said she'd call after work. A few days after that called her to just get her to come hang out with a bunch of friends.

We never talked.

So that one is done. I was hoping for something more exciting, but I got nothing.

Tomorrow is video day and a nice little meme.


Anonymous said...

Sounds weird. Are you sure she's not just dealing with some other stuff or something? If not, forget it! Her loss.

Have you checked your flickr lately? Tee hee. Again, I am cheeky :)

ImPerceptible said...

I'm sorry Anthony. I wish things had worked out with 2nd chance. Maybe at another time or in another place she can be 3rd chance. Or maybe there is a 1st chance out there waiting. It'll all work itself out eventually.

Anonymous said...

You know what I hate? When someone avoids emails, calls, whatever...if they are not interested. It's not hard to say anything, even "this is just too hectic of a time for me right now" and whatever.

I try not to focus on those things that I really want to happen because then I feel let down. However, a dirty little secret of mine is....oh, like I can tell you HERE!

Bill said...

I used to think if I thought of something it wouldn't happen so when I didn't want something to happen I would try and think of as many worst case scenarios as possible thereby avoiding them altogether. Usually the only time this worked was as I was walking down to the principal's office after being called out of class, actually it didn't work then either.

nerdling said...

I have always thought that if there was something I want and I imagine every possible scenario of things going wrong, then those won't happen and I'll get a positive outcome. It doesn't really work, since things never go how you think they will, but it's funny the things you get in your head.

You know, like jinxes.

Instead, I figure we all have a pretty good idea of how a given situation is going to turn out, but we still hope for the best. Stupid humans and our stupid optimism. Maybe you're just steering yourself toward situations you know won't pan out so you don't have to deal with the consequences of positive outcomes.

Then again, even my overactive pessimism says I'd make a shitty psychiatrist.