Wednesday, June 13, 2007

10 years ago, oh fuck...

I was inspired by a post Island Girl did about herself 10 years ago. Big ups to her for this one.

10 years ago, this exact week, I had just finished my freshman year of high school. Tomorrow, I would be going to the KROQ Weenie Roast (look at that lineup! WOW!) Summer had just started, I discovered making out, and I loved the shit out of Nirvana. Thinking that the best way to get into my head, or rather, the me of 10 years ago, I pulled out my yearbook. Here's some quotes about me.

  • "You are truly someone to take sides with." - Liz Blanchard
  • "I have really, really enjoyed our time over the past year. You are such a sweetheart, your great hugs (even though you crushed my boobs sometimes), and loving words have been so nice to hear over the past year" - Jessica Pickle I had a HUGE crush on this junior. She moved to Colorado and wrote me a letter once. I had that letter for a long time.
  • "I hope you come here all 4 years, so I can watch you grow" - Joy-Carin Rufener
And then a whole bunch of people saying "You're Cool" or "KIT" or "Have a great Summer!". I would like to think that as I got older and more developed as a person the messages in my yearbook would get better, but they are probably mostly the same.

It is pretty strange to look at something like a yearbook 10 years later. I was trying to remember things from then, and I remember some, but it made me remember a lot more. Enough of this reminiscing, I'm going to go for a walk.


Anonymous said...

Boob crusher huh?

Cute picture! And how could you not fall for someone called Jessica Pickle? What a name!

Anonymous said...

I should have suspected you were a boob crusher.

There's one in every bunch.

ImPerceptible said...

I'm anonymous today. I forgot to log in.

Whit said...

Stay Cool! Have a great summer.